I liked this topic which is a current discussion thread on STC. For members who are on both STC and TR like me, this could be redundant, but I felt it's a nice topic and TR members could vent out their frustration :) ...So here you go

Starting from my five or should I say 6

1) Clients or PM's asking to certify a release. Against what? for what? they have no answer.
2) Testers testing on a developer's PC, and bad lab environment for testing.
3) Generate and share meaningless reports/metrics.
4) Answering why automation is not a silver bullet. (I have a separate widget in by blog because of this)
5) Waiting for the release to happen from development team.

and yes 6) when my PM addresses me and my team as QA lead or QA team. (I hate the term QA)


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I can add : hate when someone tells Q&A instead of QA :)

Beside humor:
1. Hate when dev made some changes to functionality avoiding spec update
2. Hate phone-made decisions (we are standing on point that everything should be documented)
3. Hate when someone give a ticket to re-test with a comment : "will be copied to uat later ... "
I can add the following:
1) Compromising on testing time and hence,on testing , to meet deadlines.
2) Releasing builds in release mode instead of debug mode to avoid pains to give the final build in release mode, and yet, force the tester to reproduce the bug which cant be hit easily.
3) Making last minute changes in a build that has been passed as ready to release just before the release is scheduled and then request to test that build.
4) Expecting the tester to be polite to the developer always while conveying bugs in their code, but never giving the same fair level of treatment to testers who, get to face the developer's guns just because they do their job.
5) Not keeping the testing team in loop always for the latest changes.
Very true..
My bad bites of testing:

1) Meaningless Test Metrics leading us to endless cycle of wrong decision making - Garbage In (wrong metics), Garbage Out (wrong decisions)
2) Difficulty to recognize my best men and real contributors
3) Last hour changes with an assumption testing will not take much time.
4) Frustrating moments like criticism from stakeholders for dealying the release.
5) Documentation eating up tester's productive time.
Interesting! If all these things that all people have been listing was not there then where would challenges be and where would skilled people shine against less skilled ones?
Sharath --- To me your list and other's list about things that they hate are not about "testing" but in reality the lists are about how people "perceive" about testing. Read carefully these two different things ... "testing" and "how people (including testers) percieve" about testing".

Since Software testing is human process and occurs in a social context - we need to deal with them. Michael B, few days ago mentioned to me (paraphrasing him) - when you say someone or something is "bad", "wrong" "irrational" - alternate view is those people and things are right, good and rational from a DIFFERENT set of VALUES.

Michael B, few days ago mentioned to me (paraphrasing him) - when you say someone or something is "bad", "wrong" "irrational" - alternate view is those people and things are right, good and rational from a DIFFERENT set of VALUES.

And credit where credit is due: that idea comes directly from Jerry Weinberg.

One thing that is disappointing about testing sometimes is that so few testers seem to be familiar with Jerry's writings and other work.

---Michael B.
"testing" and "how people (including testers) percieve" about testing".

- Fantastic Shrini...after i read the above sentence, I went back and started reading my own points, it's so correct. May be I have to change the heading of the title :)

1. when PM says "the document should be professionally well written and formatted; and client should like it"

2. generating & emailing test reports which nobody reads. if email gets delayed PM or the management asks "Whts the status?"

3. developers ask for actual page loading time under normal user load after looking at load test report.

4. everybody has quality center access; but PM wants defect report to be extracted in excel and send to him through emails.

5. release sent without testing; and when client sends defects testers have to answer.

6. after doing months of research boss asking to download and study the tool called "abc"; but in reality thats a company named "abc" providing certain services...!
I watched this topic from the beginning and thought about it. Can I use the word Hate? Is there something I hate about testing? It took me some time to respond. The main thing is: I don't hate testing; I Love it, with all their aspects.
Sure: there are moments and situations I feel inconvenient only it take too much time and energy to hate it.
Currently I'm using this inconveniency to re-think why I have this feeling and what can I do to use it and could I have done better.
for me those types of feelings are triggers; moments to stand still and re-think, symptoms of lacking added value to project and organization.

Therefore this time not an addition to a list which might be useful identifications of symptoms which might trigger us, instead this clarification.
I work in Agile environment. Intially when i joined this client i did not know what i have to do? requiremnets were documented in oneline. There were no BA. Infact i had to act like a BA and get the requirements from buisness.Most of business discussion & decisions happens through email or in cofee room between developer & business. No one bothers to update the requirement. Developers just check in the code and tell me that it is ready for test. Intially I was so frustrated . But i made up my mind that i have to overcome it. I did it. No one in our company knew that we are following Agile methodology. It was one day that i was reading article on agile ,i tried to map the agile documenation with my work and confirmed that we are agile testers. Then i did some research and brought rally tool for test & project management. this is my third year at this client. From my experience working in agile environmnet really made me tough . Out of my 7 yrs exp in testing this was my best experience.

Can you provide more info how you implemented agile in your project?

What should be done to apply for that and How?

Nimesh T.


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