Agile or V model of Software development which is best for Tester

Agile or  V model of Software development which is best for Tester ??



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Agile or V-model depends upon situation

V-model can be used when we have to develop a product from scratch. Test case are developed for each phase of software develpment


User requirments - UAT test cases

System design  - System test cases

Architectural design - Integration test case

Modular design - Unit test case


Agile Model is followed when we are going to develop or enhance an appliacation based on customer feedback. Customer feed back are called product back logs. we have to take a set of product back logs say 20 for each version. develop them as sprints say 5 bugs per sprint. The final release will have all20 product backlogs addressed and it will have a new version number example: 1.2


In Agile methodology daily, weekly status are monitored by organising a scrum meeting with all stake holders.

Agile is selected for Hugeeee Projects or maintainance Projects... and where as the V-model for normal projects.


Basically different kinds of the testing phases are pre-defined in V-model but Agile model is different. Regression Testing is major testing element in Agile methodology.


So I prefer Agile methodolgy for Large projects... Just because the Agile Methodology for Huge projects are comprised with many V_Models. 


It's very hard for any individual to work under such projects, Though youwork under such projects you are asked to concentrate on any single kind of testing... So its all our luck and sometime our skills. If we are more skilled then more oppurtunities...


Correct me if I am wrong...



Non is best non is worst.....It depends upon the Project requirment and tes policies,strategies etc....

Of course Every thing is best and worse... but choosing best out of worse is the only option we are left with...



Right...but here in this forum we cannot tell which to choose nad which not to choose... it depends upon the Project/company/team  - requirments/usage/policies/strategies....etc (any term)..May be for one project i can use V model where as for other i can use Agile..and for third i can mix V and Agile ,,,,

we are just suggesting Abhishek to select one if he has all 3 options.... So you also suggest Abhishek....

thats what i m we can not choose the best....where as for my suggestion.....

I have already suggested before that

"Non is best non is worst.....It depends upon the Project requirment and tes policies,strategies etc...."

If you are given chance, what would you choose?


Agile or V- model?


Dont say again both are worse? you please select one... and say why? That is what Abhishek is expecting?



Sir Choice for the selection should not be personal choice...

It Should take care of many parameters...Including Company/Project/Team/Assignemnt- Policies/Strategies/Plan/Flow/Availability....etc


Considering above points , if i have both the option available to use in my assignemnt..i would look which suits most for the the project/assignment

Hmm... For the "Best tester", it doesn't matter. He'd continue to shine in all models of software development!!!

nice one... but if given a chance what would you choose?

I'd choose on what best suits end user requirements. Look at the best interests of your organization --- best interests and existing capability to deliver. These would be the factors for me to choose the model of software development. --- Agile or Fragile or Waterfall or Agilefall or Wateragile!!!


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