I am trying to implement to Open source tools for testing in my organization,
I found Selenium is the best substitute for QTP for Functional Testing.
Now my question is which is the good open source option for Performance testing.
Currently we are not using any tool for Performance testing.

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JMeter is a tool that I know which is open-source. Also WebLoad is also good which I have heard from others but haven't tried it.
But JMeter is basically JAVA compatible.....
my projects are .Net technology.....
WebLoad seems to be the better option, are there any organizations using WebLoad so that we can get assistance.
JMeter,OpenSTA.. is a good one..should try :)
Are there any firm following OpenSTA and JMeter.....?
Quite a lot of firms are there which have and are using these tools...i am a freak of java so i would prefer to go with jmeter...and doesnt makes a difference your application is .net and jmeter is java...its the way you are going to use the tool for your benefit...

taking example my current project is .net app and we are using java ,python to test them and they are working fine ;)...

Thanks for the suggestion..........
So you mean irrespective of the developed technology(JAVA /.Net) JMeter would be the best option.
As my brain kicks...yes it should...

Let think like this :: load runner works on many web,standalone applications for performance testing...irrespective of technology..(let me know i am wrong :))

So it would be good try to do a feasibility study with jmeter....

Give a try... :)..and if it doesn't let me know..can try to help u a bit..

There is NO alternative for LR, Web Load and Open STA are not even in the near vicinity.
JMeter, SoapUI (to some extent), NeoLoad, WAPT
OpenSTA - Free Webload and Stress test tool.
Open STA or Webload, you can found good material on web to learn & impliment
off course Open STA & Webload are not at all near by Loadrunner, but can start with this tool as beginner and can acheive comfort level to understand about performance testing of system


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