:I have only manual testing experience3+yrs.I need guidance what automation tool can be learnt or which has a demand? I have no programming knowledge.Can anybody suggest me a way?

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I see three parts to your question:

Career Guidance

*Only* manual testing

*No programming language*

I have three suggestions:

1. Watch the video by James Bach http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3FTwaojNkXw

If you like it, more videos are available at http://www.satisfice.com/videos.shtml

2. Please register for the courses at www.udacity.com


Ajay Balamurugadas


Thank you ajay.I went thru ur blog and the video.really good ones.

Can u suggest me any automation tool which i can learn.

Did you notice that I talked about three suggestions but mentioned only two?

A good manual tester would catch that. Why do you want to learn automation tool?

the reason is recruiters ask for automation tool knowledge and experience.Manual testing alone is not enough.This was said by a recruiter ..

Hello Parameshewar,

It's definitely a good decision to learn automation. But before I tell you what to learn you need to decide which area do you want to choose. Mostly

1. Web testing ?

2. Mobile testing ?

3. Desktop applications testing ?

( There are more. I mean you can automate things with shell script or other languages but mostly depending on what exactly you work on. Let's just leave all those for now )

I see that you mention about zero coding experience you have. That doesnt matter. Skills can always be cultivated if you are ready to give it sometime.

The following reply is assuming that you be okay to learn any language

NOTE: Whatever you choose there are lots of tools available. I am listing ony a few 

Web Application

If you choose web application

- I suggest you choose either Selenium or Sahi

if you choose Sahi, it can be learnt fairly easily if you know javascript. So the first thing you would have to do is to learn javascript. http://www.w3schools.com/js/ will give you a full idea of javascript. Once you have learnt that go through http://sahi.co.in/w/sahi which is the documentation for Sahi

I would prefer you learn Selenium. The advantage being that there is a lot of demand for it and quite a lot of articles/pdf/blogs are available for you to study/work in it.

You can write selenium in different languages. If you like any specific language, then go for it. I had tried out c#, java and php. My suggestion is dont choose php. There arent many docs available. If you cant make a decision, I would strongly suggest you choose java. ( because 1. there are lots of materials avialable.  2. Believe it or not, knowing java helps you at some point of time in your career )

Start with selenium IDE and then move to Selenium RC ( for now dont bother selenium2 or webdriver )

Everytihng you need can be found at http://seleniumhq.org/docs/ ( if not dont hesitate to google ;)  )

Mobile Application

If you choose Mobile application, you can choose it from http://www.mobileappstesting.com/tag/list-of-mobile-application-aut...  But note that you might have to work a bit hard over here as the materials might not be as abundant as you get about web automation

Desktop Application

If you choose desktop application you could go for QTP ( there are more .. but I believe QTP helps you get paid if thats what you are looking at )

Almost everything you need to get yourself started can be found http://www.guru99.com/quick-test-professional-qtp-tutorial.html

Finally to answer your point "he reason is recruiters ask for automation tool knowledge and experience.Manual testing alone is not enough.This was said by a recruiter .."

>> Please do not study automation just for the sake of getting through an interview. If that's your objective, you just need to google for interview questions on selenium, qtp or whatever you need. But once you get in the job, you would find youself in a very awkward position.

My sincere suggestion is, read about the tools I mentioned above ( read more if you get a chance ) and slowly things will be clear as to which one you should choose to study. Once you decide it, start on with it and interviews will  no longer be difficult.

Summary: Rather than choosing a tool to get through interview, study a tool you like and appear for its interview. That way, you get a job that you love, you get paid more and slowly down the lane you will become a subject expert.

Though there are lots of tools I would suggest you to look at either Selenium or QTP.

Hope it helps. Give me a shout if you need to know more. i would be happy to help you out :)

Happy learning !

thank u sreesanth.I was actually planning to learn qtp but was bit confused .If there is anything i would sure shout

for u.thank u..

Thanks Sreesanth, for the valuable information you've provided. Its very kind of you. 

@Parameshwar and @shains

>> *cough* Sreenath *cough*   ( It ain't sreesanth :P  )


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