Could anybody help me for testing the scenario which is mentioned in post?

Chat application is integrated with Web Application.We need to check 100 or 1000 Users are online and having chat.Is there any tool or way to test this scenario.


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Arshad For the above scenario U need to Do -
Integration Test (as Two Application have been integrated)
Performance -Load/Stress Test
(Not includin Functional/UI Test as they are basic and not related to Query asked)
I do agree with your comment but i will tell you in detail what exactly i wanted to test.

Scenario 1 : I have 50 friends in my friend list,three friends come online.Here i need to check whether all 3 friends are online and i can chat with them
How i'm testing the above scenario(Also suggest me any good way to test this) :

1.Open IE and login with my User name.
2.Open three different browsers such as Firefox,Chrome & RockMelt and login with three different User names(who are my friends).
3.Checking the online status of friends on chat window in IE(as i'm login in IE browser).

Scenario 2 : If all 50 Users come online on the same time.I need to check whether all 50 Users are online and i can also chat with them.

I'm looking an answer for Scenario 2.What tool or best method we can follow to test Scenario 2?



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