How Datawarehouse testing differs from ordinary Software testing? What are the Key factors that are essential for a tester to do Datawarehouse testing?

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Hi Selvi,

What is ETL

ETL stands for extract, transform, and load. It can consolidate the scattered data for any organization while working with different departments. It can very well handle the data coming from different departments.

For example, a health insurance organization might have information on a customer in several departments and each department might have that customer's information listed in a different way. The membership department might list the customer by name, whereas the claims department might list the customer by number. ETL can bundle all this data and consolidate it into a uniform presentation, such as for storing in a database or data ware house.

What are skills need to do WTL testing?

• Data ware housing concepts
• Linux OS
• Database knowledge
• Testing concepts

Data warehousing testing phases

While implementing the best practices at our testing we follow the various phases in our data warehouse testing. They are:

1) Business understanding
• High Level Test Approach
• Test Estimation
• Review Business Specification
• Attend Business Specification and Technical Specification walkthroughs
2) Test plan creation, review and walkthrough
3) Test case creation, review and walkthrough
4) Test Bed & Environment setup
5) Receiving test data files from the developers
6) Test predictions creation, review (Setting up the expected results)
7) Test case execution and (regression testing if required).
• Comparing the predictions with the actual results by testing the business rules in the test environment.
• Displaying the compare result in the separate worksheet.
8) Deployment
• Validating the business rule in the production environment.



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