What are the things you test in DB of Shopping Cart ?.. Kindly Explain with examples.

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1. Data validation

2. Compliance of data collected and data displayed in the database

3. Truncation inconsistency in Front-end and Back-end

4. Database validation for maximum characters -- If it is not done then it is possible to by-pass it from front-end

thanks santhosh.. are there any examples or documents which can explain more about it ?

Hi subramanian


First thing you need to understand the techinues of the testing .

1Boundary value testing

2Equvalence Partion

3Error guessing

4Othrogonly array

As per 1)Boundary value testing  check for Valid ,invalid , Boundaryvalue , null , Empty  and Alphabetic

For e.g if in certian field it will accept from 0-10

check with 0 - valid , -1 invalid , 11 (above the boundary),null , Empty  & Alphbet & Special charcter

2)Equvalence Partion  accept from 0-10

check with 0

check with 10

check with 5

3)Error guessing  - its tester expeience or adhoc testing




ya thanks abishek for the techniques in testing.  how do we apply in DB testing in Shop Cart. ?



Hi subramanian

DB testing in Shop Cart

1 Boundary value testing  - check when you add some product of price say x then Amonunt required to PAy=x

2 If you remove some product from shopping card(y) then From total - y

3 Check if divide by zero is handled correctlt

4 check the limit of data in GUI and databse for e.g in GUI its 1000 but in database its only 100

5 Check round off how may decimal


Go through the   testing techniques  and create more Testing scenarios


may it helps you




I hope this helps to some extent: http://www.testingeducation.org/a/bsct2.pdf

~Ajay Balamurugadas


Thanks Ajay for the document,it makes us understand the fundamentals of ecommerce, but it didn't address the DB testing of Shop. Cart :(



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