How do you define a good tester?

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Many myths abound, such as being
creatively sadistic or able to handle dull, repetitive work. As a one-time test manager and currently as a consultant to software development and testing organizations, I've formed a picture of the ideal software tester-they share many of the qualities we look for in programmers; but there are also some important differences. Here's a quick summary of the sometimes contradictory lessons that I've learned.

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I feel a good Test Engineer must have the following qualities:

1.First quality that the test engineer should have is "Attention to Detail"
2.Test Engineer should have a Customer savvy attitude
3.Should have a Test to Break attitude
4.While testing Should think end user perspective
5.Should communicate the defect findings properly
Some of the skills that a good tester MUST have according to me,

- Bug Reporting
- Bug Advocacy
- Lateral Thinking
- Critical Thinking
- Reading Software Testing Books
- Writing Blog
- Communication
- Good rapport building

Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad
Agree to what is mentioned above & that is all what you need
In addition of a skill centric answer to the question .

I would ask a question back to you :)

What "defines" a good tester also depends on what "service" you want from the tester . What are the needs of the user ( of the tester's test services) and expectations ?

If the needs/expecatations/service requirements are met/aligned properly ,then comes the skill part , as to whether the tester can deliver the goods or not ? Does he have the required skills ?

If I were to go around and look for "good" testers I would need to have an answer with me first ,as to what I want the "good" tester for ?

hope it helps..

Hi neha...thank u for posting..then i can get the knowledge on software testing... keep posting.........
To me "A good tester is one who understands and meet the expectations of a stakeholder."


Just to make a small change to what you said above , "A good tester is one who understands and meet the expectations of good stakeholders" :) ( Unless, the bad stakeholder doesn't have authority to fire or deny a hike or promotion )
The “ideal” test engineer :
knows all about his feature area …
… and supports requirements engineer with feedback to specs (testability)
knows whole system …
… and validates system with complex tests based on use cases also
has domain knowledge …
… to keep the end customers expectations
is testing efficiently …
… finds the balance between feature coverage and hot spots
communicates with all his counterparts …
… is informed about the project and informs his colleagues

Be destructive during the test, …But be constructive in your support to solve the problems found....

If you don’t find the remaining fault, the end-customer will find it...
Finding faults is NOT to blame colleagues …---> … it’s to HELP them to improve their results
Report all faults detected, DON’T accept a severe fault to be played down
System-Test can concentrate on function-, stress-, stability-tests, prove of concept, combined-tests and duration-tests

A Good tester is one who owns the responsibility of Delivering the product as per stake holders expectations.
A good tester should possess three Qualities.
1. Having Good Communication skills
2. Better Domain Knowledge.
3. Bit Technical skills to and need to good communication especially with developers.


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