How to be a one year experience Manual QA Test Analyst can Jump into a Automation field?Any body can you please help me.I am very much interested to jump into the Automation side.

How to be a one year experience  Manual QA Test Analyst  can Jump into a Automation field?Any body can you please help me.I am very much interested to jump into the Automation side.Please give valid response.

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Ya its too good. better switch career as automation engineer using QPT. or Selenium.

Valid response
My another Question is tht any company is available to give a chance to jump and work a manual test engineer to do automation side job.If any chance is there ..........Then just help me too.
If you are good at coding and scripting preffer QTP
otherwise you can go with LOAD RUNNER which is also a good tool for performance testing.
See for automation engineer also must need manual testing concepts those who r good in scripting the cen get tha chance.
How we can start learn scripting .Which Scripting language is good to start to learn as a beginner .Which site is good to refer and learn.Plz help me
Better learn QTP man there n number of vedios and concepts are avaliable on net. surf and learn. I can suggest u one book also QTP Unplugged it is available on market.

Can you please say book name..Then to learn QTP is must to know abt scripting.Please answer me
I did same and i am very successful in term of understanding Testing Automation better than people who actually was developer or initiated career as Automation Tester.

Because as you already have good understanding of Testing, and able to write scenarios and covert them into Testcase. it just a case u need to understand a script (:) previously will be using English now jazzy names like, Ruby or VB or JS)

My suggestion is learn any of these language in which you eaisly get some work (Might one of these languages is used in ur existing project) Take initial help from existing Automation engineers. (Read my blog: )
Again just think .. its very easy :)
All the best from my side do well let me know if you need any help :) and Happy Testing.
Hi vishal,
Thank you very much for much for your valuable comment.But the thing is my company do not have automation testing.Only manual testing so i don't have any chance to work on this field.That is mine main problem.
You can always be an automation expert , only fact to understand is why do you want to do this!!!!Definitely if there is a manual thing been done repetitively , automation stands a pretty good chance and you can pitch in with your services.
Try learning QTP/Selenium by yourself, implement your approach in real time.
Both Manual/Automation careers stand a good chance , but be sure to get a deep understanding of what ever interests you more.
ya it will good for u to switch from manual to automation. you can learn QTP from an institute and show your experience for qtp also 6 months for manual and 6 for same automation then u will get approximate 75 % increment in to your pacage
do it ASAP. best of luck


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