Hi Friends,

I've recently started working on selenium RC. I've been running simple Junit test scripts(Java Selenium RC test scripts)  through Eclipse.

I wanted to know the scope of  programming/skills  required in Selenium RC/Core/Grid., as I've  good knowledge of  programming in Ruby and Java.Also it would be nice to know how we can use programming in selenium RC.

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What Exactly you are looking in the programming lang.Please let me know ..






I was recently working on using datadriven testing using selenium and TestNG. This requires fair bit off programming for setting the data provider,fetching the test data from excel,using commands for giving verification points(normally used).So can we use prog. skills(Ruby and Java) in selenium?  If so then what can be the possible scenarios.




I completely agree to your point. Really i too required selenium RC over view because i knew  what is selenium and what does it but i don't know how to do these things through selenium

Well for all of you wondering how much of programming skills are needed for using Selenium , yes its true a good dose is needed and moreover to use and harness the power of Selenium effectively, will definitely need it.

To quote some of the examples

:Data Driving your tests

:Building your custom functions

:Custom Reporting

:Exception Handling


For all of the above in any of the languages like JAVA or Ruby you will have to use either 'jar' or 'gems'. Although these have all the inbuilt methods but how to use them will be possible only when you know a slightly advanced level from basics.


But all in all its not very tough thereby not deterring you from using it. Some help and guidance might come handy.

Thanks Tarang I was looking for this answer. 

Hi what Tarang says is right, in your query you said that "I've  good knowledge of  programming in Ruby and Java" thats all enough to go ahead with Selenium RC.

Best of luch and Happy RC.



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