HI, i am a recent user of MTM 2010 and was using QTP for test automation. i have developed and designed many frameworks in QTP. now my company is migrating to MTM 2010 askingme to explore the tool. can any one help how to use MTM 2010 for test automation, what scripting is used.. does any bodyhave any idea/experience with it. i shall be very grateful to the responses. thanks

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In MTM 2010 (vs2010)Scripting language used is C# or VB.net


This below link is about the current support for various platforms for Coded UI Test feature of VS 2010




This below link gives a goods comparision Between  VS2010  and QTP




May above information will help you



Use my Blog link for more information





Please refer this below link to know anatomy of Coded UI



 Please refer the good bold on CUIT(coded Ui Test)


thank you very much abhishek. can you please also help me in generating a random string and random number in MTM. i am trying to write a fucntional for this, but could not.

also, how do i see individual test case results.. for example, when i write two functions for login and logout, how do i generate test result for login passed and logout passed. can you please help.. that would be great.. i hope i am not asking for too much. thanks


hi abhisekh, thanks very much. it has been great help from you on the MTM 2010. thanks very much.


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