It's a common say that there is no bug free product. You test a website for bugs and at the end of the day, there is no bugs that you can find. How do you feel in such a situation and if that happens continuously for three days.. Do yo give the credit to the  Developer or do you doubt your talent in finding bug ? What strategy do you follow ? What are the Testing you will do ?

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1st of all I doubt about my talent in finding bugs..........


First i will try to finding bug frm start of application using all technique.Also once again review requirement.i offen make personal  analysis for IT

Its feel bad but dont be emotional & dont give up easy way 

Well, Consider you guys gonna test Current facebook version website. Do yu really think you guys can find bugs ? Leave al those applications in it. If yu dnt find any bugs wiith facebook, watt wud yu do. ?

There are bugs in facebook page. I get a weekly reminder for upgrade for my facebook page without any upgrade button!


Think about the unthinkable areas that no one thought of. There should be a bug.




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       Are yo really talking about d bug updates in FB ? or you are talkin about the Enhancements in fb. ?  Can you point out the bugs which fb had and its been fixed now ?

This is more of a usability issue rather than enhancement. Its not fixed yet. When a reminder is sent asking user to upgrade, the user obviously expects an upgrade button.

Hi Aruna

Superb reply ........

I am manish just joined a start-up company in bangalore (Gaboli online services pvt ltd.). I am a graduate from IIIT bangalore. I am in testing domain. We adopt agile modeling here.

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if you are not finding bugs since 3days then have to decide still not understanding the App functionality well.
Thanks frnz for ur reply. But I just wanted to know 'the feel' of a test engnr. wenn he doesnt fnd a bug and the strategies he deploys to fnd a bug...and the quest. wsn't about "HOW TO FIND BUGS, HELP? " Kindly note. Even I ll say there is no bug free product as many Testn. Pro's tell here, What i askd is how do you feel if yu dnt find bugs and strategies you use in finding bugs.
Well, I will feel happy that my job is done and also be cautious to review if testing is complete
Well, I would first wonder if I am doing the right thing (testing the right functionality, testing correct desired behaviour, referring to the correct and updated specs etc.). And then, put in more effort to determine defects which may be hidden underneath layers of functionality, or which may be getting masked because of some other environmental reasons. I would also perform similar testing on other related environment configurations (e.g., different OS, different browsers etc.) in order to validate the testing results in current environment set-up.

it may be difficult to find 1 bug per day in a the application.If you are not getting then confirm your knowledge of the application behaviour or change your testing strategy.

But never underestimate yourself by keeping a count on bugs detected.


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