Start using MICROSOFT TEST Manager (MTLM)inspite of other tool if you are using VS2010 for Test Management

Start using MICROSOFT TEST Manager (MTLM)inspite of  other tool if you are using VS2010 for Test Management

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Version : Using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate or Visual Studio 2010 Premium
HI, do you have any idea how to use MTM 2010 for Test Automation. till now, i had been using QTP. thanks


MTM 2010 is used for Test management just like Quality centre

To do test automation you  need to require to knew COded UI test



 Please have look to below link this may help you

thanks very much



This below link gives a goods comparision Between  VS2010  and QTP



Please refer my MSDN threads to know more about Coded UI



Want to migrate existing testing in Excel to VS2010

Use the tool name :

Tool : Free
  • migrate test cases (along with test steps) present in Microsoft Excel to VS2010 TCM server AND
  • migrate VS 2005/2008 test templates present in MHT/doc formats to VS2010 TCM server.

These capabilities allowed you to reap all the benefits associated with Test Case Management (requirements traceability, test coverage, requirements coverage, test execution, test result analysis etc) present in VS 2010 release post migration.

With the RC2 release of this tool, we are adding to the Excel capabilities, the ability to migrate not just the Test case work item, but also Requirements and Bugs work items – hence the change in name of the executable to “TestCaseMigratorPlus.exe”. The mht/doc based workflow remains the same – i.e. it only supports migration of work item type present in the VS2005/2008 manual test templates.

Some of the salient features associated with this version of tool (for excel based workflow) are as follows:
  • Migrates work items belonging to Test case, Requirement/User story and Bug work item types.
  • Supports multi-pass migration process - i.e., each work item type has to be migrated in a different invocation/session of the tool.
  • Maintains links between work item types (Parent/Child, Related, Tested By, Tests etc) across multiple passes.
  • Provides ability to create Test suites for a test case work item type.


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