Can anybody suggest me automation tool for windows application[developed in WPF]? Will prefer record and playback feature. I went through '', results were not that helpful. I found one tool 'IcuTest GUI unit testing for WPF' . But doesn't seems to be useful for functional testing. Any guidance on this? Thanks in advance.

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You may read through the below article which surely will guide you through the automation for WPF components (How to?).

For the RPF I think there are many tools which are available in the market, try TAFx []

- Vishal
Thanks a lot. Will surely read all these links :) First link looks quite useful. Thanks again.!
Valuable reply vikas
Vishal :-)

Additionally please got through the bunch of stuff in below..

I hope this will surely helps!!

Thanks Vishal.I appreciate your help. I read that too.It has useful info.! :)


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