Testing in a start up company working on new technology products

Recently I changed my testing job from a big MNC to a small startup company and I am facing a big challenge in below areas.

1)Requirement specifications are very brief with few pages only and not detailed. (Earlier company  I was fortunate to have a detailed requirement with 1000+ pages...)

2)Overall there is a feeling among the SW team that documentation does not add much value.(They are more eager to do coding than writting a specification)

3)Lot of Information is available with many developers, but it is not well organised and not available to testers easily.

4)Product is totally new, and many features/functions are not developed/tested earlier


My questions :

1)What kind of approach I can take for clarifying the requirements and designing effective test cases in above situation ?

2)How can I ensure that my test cases cover everything needed and nothing is missed during testing ?


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Thats the same situation i m facing.

Meanwhile what I would like to sugest u is that :

1: Understand the process .( they Might be using adhoc process).

2: Keep in contact with senior one who could guide u.

3: Understand the basics of ur product /domin knowledge.

4: Tracebility dosent work here as u have no specification document.

So just try to come into the flow and evry thing wil be fine.


Thanks Pankaj !
This is really helpful sir

My sincere request to all testing gurus : Please help me to solve this important practical issue !

This will benefit all testers working in small organisation...


i am also going in same condition now 

i use following way,

1.I had made document for myself about all detail abt product from senior by understanding.

2.I write TC on the basis of these document if functionality differ then i redesign TC.

3.Try to find direction from other who are coding.

4.Make discussion with dev team all time.

5.Understand Unit testing.


More guidence needed

Venu can u tell current process?


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