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Ok... Thanks...
It is a random testing through automation tool after the manual testing
But I think we can perform it manually also.

I do not think so.

You can do adhoc testing manually, but not monkey testing.

Monkey testing is one form of adhoc testing, but adhoc testing is more general term.


Adhoc means testing without specific planning or documentation. But you can use your intuition, knowledge of application and other things. It could help you to find bugs quickly as you are not bind by any rules.


Monkey testing means you act randomly. You randomly click on application window and enter random characters. Theoretically human can do it, but why he should? If human is present exploratory adhoc testing is much more effective.

The benefit of monkey testing is that tool can do it during night.

The idea is: "a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters will eventually type out the entire works of Shakespeare"


That is why we should use it. The tool can find a bugs and new tests that the tester would never think of. But there is small probability that the tool will find something during only short period of time.   

There are three types of monkey testing:

-          Stupid monkey

-          Smart monkey

-          Brilliant monkey

Dumb monkey clicks completely randomly, sometimes even somewhere where no button or link is.
Smart knows where it should click and when the data is expected.
Brilliant monkey remembers what test it did, and knows in which state the application is.

Smart and brilliant monkeys are used also for stress and load tests.  

Thanks Anna..... I think now it is more clear to understand this monkey....(Testing)
thank you... nice explanation

Thank you for educating Anna

G1: Thank you.

Shivaraj: What methodology? And why?

Also called as negative testing...

Testing a product/software rigorously is monkey testing


Negative testing: Testing aimed at showing software does not work. Also known as "test to fail".

So yes,  monkey testing is a negative testing, but negative testing is not monkey testing.


Also, how do you want to test rigorously with something that is based on randomness? 



My Understanding dont  go by termonoligies,differnet professional will have differnet understandings...No one wold be wrong .....For me----Monkey Test, Random Test, TwT (TestWitouhtTestCase), AdHoc Test all are similar (if not same).....Objective is to Test the application randomly without any predefined Steps....



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