What is the difference between test plan & test strategy?

 Can someone help me to understand the difference between test plan & test strategy?

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1.A Test plan is a document describing the scope, approach, resources,and schedule of intended test activities. It identifies test items, the features to be tested,the testing tasks, who will do each task, and any risks requiring
contingency plans. An important component of the test plan is the individual test cases. Some form of test plan should be developed prior to any test.
Where as Test strategy is provides the road map describing the steps to be undertaken while testing, and the effort, time and resources required for the testing.The test Strategy should incorporate test planning, test case design,
test execution, resultant data collection and data analysis.

2.test plan is different for different projects in organzation.Test strategy is common for all projects in organisation.

3.Test plan is prepared by test lead. Test strategy is prepared by senior management. .

Test Strategy is organisation wide, i.e what are the testing practices conducts in each organisation

test plan is project wise - each project each TP
Please read this entry of my blog you will find your answer: http://mishra-vishal.blogspot.com/2010/07/test-strategy-and-test-plan.html

Vishal M
Sr. QA Cybage India
There is a difference. Test Strategy supersedes Test Plan.

In few words, Test Strategy is in line to a business objective & on the other side Test Plan objective is to achieve how the testing is carried out.

Hope this helps.

Test Strategy is a part of your Test Plan. Test Plan contain the complete details of your Testing.. Test Stratgey is the summary of your Testing Solution. For e.g. If you have to do the testing of a website application then what will be your test strategy...When talking about Test Strategy, remember to include:

1. Testing Process

2. Solution - Types of Testing

3. Resource Alignment

4. Acceptance Criteria

and other attributes as per requirement and org standard.


Test Strategy:
It is a company level document developed by quality assurance manager or quality analyst category people. 
It defines testing approach to reach the standards. Below are the items need to be mentioned in Test Strategy
1. Scope and Objective
2. Budget control
3. Testing approach
4. Test deliverables
5. Roles and responsibilities
6. Communication and status reporting
7. Automation tools (if needed)
8. Testing measurements
9. Risks and mitigations
10. Change configuration management
11. Training plan
Test Plan:
It is document which describes the objectives, scope, and approach to follow for validating the software/application or build.
It Contains below items:

1.Test Plan ID
2.Test Description (small description on Module/Feature)
3.Features to be tested
4.Features not to be tested
5.Suspension Critera
6.Resumption Critera
7.Test Approach
8.Test Deliverabls
9.Risk and Mitigations
12.Featues pass or fail critera

Thank Q
See test plan contains test stratergies,test schadule and entry criteria and exit criteria..and test stratergy means testing types i.e. which approches are we going to use?weather Black box or White Box...

Smaller Projects: Test Strategy is contained in Test Plan Document itself

Bigger Projects: Test Strategy gets separated from the Test Plan 


Actually Test Strategy is the heart of Test Plan

Does the test plan have a brain too :)?!!!

Good joke.... ;)

A test plan documents the strategy that will be used to verify and ensure that a product or system meets its design specifications and other requirements. Know more about test plan in the below link-



A test strategy includes the testing objective, methods of testing new functions, total time and resources required for the project, and the testing environment. Know more about test strategy in the below link-






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Test Strategy takes a wider view of the whole test process while test design is more focused on the test design process itself. A test strategy document involves input not only from the technical team but also from all the stakeholders in the project e.g business users, top managers etc while a  test plan is solely produced by testers.


This is based on my own experience I must say.


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