what is the difference between verification and validation testing?

Hai to all i have some doubt about verification and validation.pls clarify my doubt.comments are welcome.

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Software testing is the process of validating and verifying whether the software program works as expected.
  • Verification ( Are we doing the job right? ) is to check whether the software correctly implements the specified functionality
  • Validation (Are we doing the right job?) is to check whether the software is according to the client requirements
Reference: http://softwaretestingcollege.blogspot.com
Hai to all i have some doubt about  true religion deutschland verification and validation.pls clarify my doubt.comments are welcome.
Well, I can just say that the German translation used on that page is not quite well done, if that helps :-)

Hi wang qianqian,

A basic idea about Verification and Validation is:

Verification: Is a static testing(Testing a product without executing it e.g.: Walk through, Inspection and Review etc.), Helps in finding out the defects with the location of defect and, Is a process oriented.

Validation: Is a dynamic testing(Testing a product by executing it e.g.: Integration testing, System Testing etc.) Helps in finding out the defect only and not its location and, Is a product oriented.

Verification: It is a test to verify against specified requirements (SRS/DRS/FRS).
Validation: It is a test performed against INTENTED use of the requirement (Actual environment where product has been deployed and used by the users)

The Objective of Verification activity is to remove defects from the product
early and efficiently. The results of the verification activities are recorded and
passed on to the author or person responsible for correcting defects
discovered during verification.
The Objective of Validation activity is to qualify product as part of delivery
commitment to its client. From the initial stages of Project Launch the project
plan is designed to accommodate the verification and validation activities. The
Project Launch meeting chalks out the presentation of the case by the Project
Manager followed by identification of Issues and dependencies for delivery
such as review activities, testing approach and number of cycles, probable
testing phases. Once the Delivery strategy and the Phases are identified, the
Project Manager identifies the reviews that are to be done, and the Testing
department prepares the Test Plan.


Verification Activities

Peer Review


Technical Review

Formal Inspection


Validation Activities



Validation of SRS

Acceptance Testing

Thanx man.
My Understanding - ...U will have differnet definations for the same term..Multiple Prefessional will give have multiple understanding and no one would be wrong...

Try to understand the concept...
Suppose u have to travel from point A to Point B (take this as requirement)
Verification: - As per the requirement before actual travell u will verify/inquire about
1- Route availability between two points or as per requirment
2- Different Options to travell
3- Any Stopages between two pint
4- Time taken to reach point b
etc... based upon your research u will com to know how much requiremet is correct/testable/have errors

Validation: When u will Actually travel from point A to p[oint B u will check you requirement with the result of Verifications research
Thanx man.

ya in this month testing courses will be over than only i can get the job.but now temp working in non-it company shiva.


Hi all,

i have completed testing tools program

there he told verification is done by quality by QA department, there they will cheek the each and every role in the organization to cheek whether they doing work correctly or not by conducting audits,meetings.

validation will be done by QC department(testing phase)

he told like this,so i totally confused by comparing your answers with him

which one correct, please give reply

thanks in advance


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