I have seen many posts and queries from people who aspire to learn QTP but are not sure how they can start doing it. This discussion is primarily aimed at supporting people who are new to QTP and have the desire to learn this tool. In this regard I have given a set of points which I believe would be of help to you. These are based on my experiences only. If there are any other members in this group who would like share their experiences, please do so:
1. First and foremost get a machine with QTP installed. If you do not have a licensed version of QTP, no problem. You can download the free trial version of QTP from the HP site. Install the tool in your system.
2. To install the tool, you can use the installation guide to run thro the installation set up procedure.
3. Once the tool is installed, you can start QTP application.
4. One of the best ways to learn this tool is to use the documentation that comes along with the tool. The Help guide, Tutorials and User guide are available with the tool itself.
5. Follow the steps mentioned in the Tutorials to start working on the tool.
6. QTP also comes with an inbuilt windows based application called “Flight reservation System”. To learn recording windows based application, this is an excellent tool.
7. QTP also provides link to a web based application called “Mercury Tours”. This is again a flight reservation system which is web based one. This would help you to learn recording on a web based application.
8. The examples and exercises given in the Tutorial correspond to the above mentioned sample applications only. So it would be easy for you to learn.
So, those of you aspiring to learn QTP, start now! Follow the steps given above.. and Best of Luck. Do not forget to post your feedback and experiences in this forum.

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if u have QTP 9.5..pls forward me on sach1981@gmail.com
I am new to QTP and have stuck up in a problem. I am using QTP 9 from mercury. While playing the I am not able to see anything in Active Screen. Have enabled the settings in tools. Yet I am not able to see anything in active screen when i place the pointer on the code. Please help
Hi rajathi,
How about scripting part? Now a days they wnat automation enginneer who has experience in scripting.
Hi Rajathi,
I have also started learning QTP . I know record and playback . But when i am running the recorded Flight reservation application i am getting the following error :

Cannot identify the object "MaskEdBox" (of class ActiveX). Verify that this object's properties match an object currently displayed in your application.
Line (6): "Window("Flight Reservation").ActiveX("MaskEdBox").Type "040411"".

Plz help me.

Thanks and regards
Namrata Shah

Thanx for this article Rajathi Rajesh. i have a query regarding recoding.

there are three ways to record a test.

1) Normal Recording

2) Analog Recording

3) Low Level Recording.

i got to know how to use normal recoding but i do not know about Analog and Low Level Recording.So could you please explain me last two recordings and tell me the procedure how to run these.

Thanks & Regrads,

Pankaj Kapruwan


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