Well, finding more bugs [whatever nonsense developers the developers may say :)], will always improves the quality of the products. These are some standard testing tips to find out bugs easily. These can also be applied by the dev team during their unit testing.



  1. Understand the whole application or module in depth before starting the testing.
  2. Give stress on the functional test cases which includes major risk of the application.
  3. Your test data set must include the database records id you are going to test database along with various test case conditions.
  4. If it is not first software testing cycle, use previous test data pattern to analyze the current set of tests.
  5. Perform same tests on different test environment. Find out the result pattern and then compare your results with those patterns.
  6. Do some standard tests like putting the “%” sign or “*” or html tags in the text box and then see the results in output window.
  7. When you are tired, and then do some monkey testing.
  8. Always remember to follow the check list, if your (company is keeping any)

Apart from these tips, one thing I would like to recommend to you that you must be thinking every minute to find a bug in the software. Just be Passionate about Software Testing.

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Comment by Deepu Soman on February 9, 2011 at 2:40pm
Thank you friends....
Comment by Raghavendar reddy on February 3, 2011 at 10:26am

it's nice Dude. 

1.When you are working on UI issues don't sit like dummy, be creative so that we can find more issues.In some application color matching will be very major role.

2.don't thing like U R soft ware guy just thing like end user so that U can see more issue.



Comment by Deepu Soman on February 3, 2011 at 9:32am
Loves it..

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