Test Cases for ATM Card and doing transaction.

Few Test Cases for ATM Card:

Test case 1: Verify card insertion
Test case 2: Verify operation with wrong angle of card insertion.
Test case 3: verify operation with invalid card insertion. (Eg: Scratches on
card, trecken card, other bank cards, time expired cards, etc,)
Test case 4: Verify language selection
Test case 5: verify PIN no. entry
Test case 6: verify operation with wrong PIN no.
Test case 7: verify operation when PIN no. is entered wrongly 3 consecutive
Test case 8: verify Account type selection.
Test case 9: verify operation when wrong Account type is selected.
Test  case  10: verify withdrawal option selection.
Test  case  11: verify Amount entry
Test  case  12: verify operation with wrong denominations of Amount
Test  case  13: verify withdrawal operation success. (Correct Amount, Correct
Receipt & able to take cars back)
Test  case  14: Verify operation when the amount for withdrawal is less then
Test  case  15: Verify operation when the network has problem.
Test  case  16: verify operation when the ATM is lack of amount.
Test  case  17: Verify operation when the amount for withdrawal is less than
minimum amount.
Test  case  18. Verify operation when the current transaction is greater than no.
of transactions limit per day.
Test  case  19: Verify cancel after insertion of card.
Test  case  20: Verify cancel after language selection.
Test  case  21: Verify cancel after PIN no. entry.
Test  case  22: Verify cancel after account type selection.
Test  case  23: Verify cancel after withdrawal option selection.
Test  case  24: Verify cancel after amount entry (Last Operation)

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