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Can anybody tell what is vision plus testing? Where it is used? Jobs for vision plus testing.

Please pass your comments.

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Comment by jag on October 6, 2010 at 1:16am
Hi All,

Please give me some more information about Vision Plus Testing any material on the Modules CMS, FAS, TRAMS etc would be greatly appreciated.
I searched on internet but could not find it. Thanks in advance
Comment by Raj Ahuja on April 16, 2009 at 1:33pm
Hi Abhishek,

VisionPlus is a transaction processing software used by various financial companies. It's widely used by banks to manage their credit card business / customers. VisionPlus is quite comprehensive application having various modules like CDM, ASM, LTS, CTA, CMS etc. Visionplus runs on on IBM Mainframes (Z Series) as well as IBM AS 400 (i Series), primarily using COBOL,CICS and VSAM. Previous versions of VisionPLUS were available on Unix also.

The application has capabilities to handle millions of transactions with a response time of 8 seconds. One of the visionplus module namely FAS is responsible for authorizations for the cards and this system interacts very well with card associations like VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX etc thus when we use our credit card anywhere there is a system at backend that process the transaction and takes a decison to approve, reject or refer a transaction based on various logics like example the card limit, card expiry date, fraud, customer spending behaviour etc.

Various IT companies provide specialised services for visionplus considering the vast customer base / usage for this application, thus visionplus developers and testers remains in demand . Personally, I find it challenging to understand the application completely as it's not easy to understand the green screens (application interface) unlike windows application and thousands of parameters therein but speed is of utmost importance when you are using an application for serving millions of customer thus visionplus fits the bill.

For more info google visionplus and thousand of links will help you explore this giant application.

Good Luck!



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