What is the difference between Verification and Validation testing

hai i have some doubt about Verification and Validation testing.pls clarify my doubt.comments are welcome.

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Comment by baladhilip on May 9, 2011 at 10:28am

The Objective of Verification activity is to remove defects from the product
early and efficiently. The results of the verification activities are recorded and
passed on to the author or person responsible for correcting defects
discovered during verification.
The Objective of Validation activity is to qualify product as part of delivery
commitment to its client. From the initial stages of Project Launch the project
plan is designed to accommodate the verification and validation activities. The
Project Launch meeting chalks out the presentation of the case by the Project
Manager followed by identification of Issues and dependencies for delivery
such as review activities, testing approach and number of cycles, probable
testing phases. Once the Delivery strategy and the Phases are identified, the
Project Manager identifies the reviews that are to be done, and the Testing
department prepares the Test Plan.


Verification Activities

Peer Review


Technical Review

Formal Inspection


Validation Activities



Validation of SRS

Acceptance Testing


Comment by Malvika Agrawal on April 14, 2011 at 5:36pm



This question has been asked already on the same website. So, kindly follow the given link- "http://www.testrepublic.com/forum/topics/validation-and-verification?id=1178155%3ATopic%3A93525&page=2#comments".




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